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Greetings Sangha,

Has anyone made their own ojuzu beads?

Or what is your favorite resource to purchase a set?


Tamu Hoyo Ngina

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Hi Tamu-san,

During our LM Conference this past may, we did a Ojuzu work shop and created our own Ojuzu with materials you can pick up at your local craft or bead store. If this is a great practice and makes the Ojuzu more personal.

I believe I have a hand out we provided with steps on making your own, and I can upload it here for you if you want.

If you are looking to purchase one, I would check out the BCA's shop, which has many different styles or even check on ebay.

Gassho! _/|\_

Sayo sensei,

would be nice to see the workshop handout.

actually i did make a set with some faceted fluorite beads i bought this past summer and i used hemp thread. i sort of winged mine. I can post a picture later.


I have been looking for ways of making a Bright Dawn Onenju. My idea was to have the Bright Dawn bodhi leaf design either engraved or painted on the parent bead. What are thoughts on this?

In Oneness,
Actually, I was thinking of this for an udenenju or wrist nenju.

Shinyo-san as visual artist i would like to help out in the project.  I can engrave with my first power tool i ever bought....everything is a new project so i am interested in attempting.

in regards to onenju....i would suggest using natural stone beads and what can i think of for stones that would much the golden, yellow and purple colours?

agate,,,which comes in yellows and reddish orange colours

and amethyst.

strung with hemp and either silk or hemp tassel.

for wrist i guess a stretchy thread.

just a thought

How do you feel about various materials? My thoughts are to have parent beads made and then everyone could make their own based on preferences and tradition. For example, mine would be made out of sandalwood beads and tied in the Shin tradition. I've been discussing this with some fellow lay ministers and another thought was that by making our own, it could be a spiritual and personal practice. But not everyone has the artistic abilities to put the design on the parent bead. Maybe with small parent beads made and Sayo's instruction sheet, we can get something started.

that sounds awesome. i really enjoyed making this. i had the beads for quite sometime.

i am very sentimental and very particular about items that i carry on my body.

i couldnt find any ojuzu that were in my price range or my material. i did not like plastic ones.

i had the beads and the hemp.

it was a meditation practice.

i would love to have one of sandalwood beads.

lets keep it going!! peace.

I think what I like so much about sandalwood is the smell. I have a sandalwood 108 bead mala, that I no longer use, and a Jodo Shinshu style Onenju made of sandalwood for regular use. I also like the appearance of the wood itself. It would be nice to have a more natural feel by using wood beads and stone parent and markers. 

I think using a stone parent bead sounds nice. Maybe smaller, matching stones could be used for the tendama, marker, beads too. Then, members could use other beads of their choice for the rest.

Here is a photo of the ojuzu that i made.

there are 27 beads...i forget the size mabe 7mm?? maybe 8mm. faceted fluorite beads

with various shades of purples and clear hues.

the PARENT bead is actually four beads....

this is strung on nice tough hemp....there is a knot before/after every bead.

the tassel is 12 strands of hemp.

my lighting is not so the colours are muted but the sparkle is cool, ain't it though? ;-)


This was all done free style i didnt use a model. I choose 27 as its a multiple of 9.

Hi Tamu-san,

I made a few Ojuzu from some camouflage coloured plastic beads and parachute cording. I sent these to a Buddhist Chaplain in the Navy, who is a friend of mine, for use by Buddhist members currently deployed in Afganistan.

I normally get my Ojuzu from either the BCA Bookstore or a company in Japan, with all form of Buddhist ritual accessories. the website is in Japanese, but is easy to navigate, and they ship to the US with no problems. here is the website:

In Oneness,

Douglas Sanyo


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